Productlane is the first platform, that combines customer support with a feedback hub, made for B2B SaaS. The core concept is that everything in Productlane is about your customer and their feedback, and every feature idea should live in your issue tracker. We believe, the issue tracker is the best place to centralize all your ideas. From the beginning, when they are still observations, until the very end, when they are fully fledged out projects with milestones and todos, ready to be built and bring value to the world.

Why to keep ideas in Linear

Priorities are constantly shifting. That’s why, if you keep an opportunity backlog separate from Linear, you will have a lot of duplicate work over time. Some ideas should be built right away as they are easy to do, some fully planned out projects on your roadmap turn out too ambitioned and should be put back into an idea state, as the solution to the problem turns out wrong, or the problem turns out not being important enough. If everything is in Linear, it’s very easy to shift things around, and you will keep the full overview all the time.

Create a Linear “Feature requests” team

So, yes, we recommend to keep every idea in Linear. We recommend creating a separate “Feature requests” team in Linear to avoid cluttering your backlog and not confuse engineers about what should be built and what not.


You can even directly display the feedback count from Productlane in Linear, by activating the “Links” property in the Linear display settings: