What’s a thread?

Everything starts as a thread in Productlane. A thread can be a piece of feedback, a forwarded email, a call recordings or survey results.

Threads exist, so that you can link it to issues, projects or tags. You can highlight the text of a thread and link it to multiple feature ideas or opportunities, as it’s natural that you write down multiple observations in a user call.

We recommend to link everything actionable to Linear projects and issues, which you also see in the main navigation in Productlane. Both are 1:1 synced with Linear, so every issue and project you see in Productlane, you will also see in Linear.

Additionally, you have the possibility to link a thread to a “Tag”. It’s made for all observations that are not feature ideas or problem areas. Things like user activities, competitors, and there are many other research methodologies what you might want to track from user interviews and feedback.

How it works

You can either connect the entire thread, or only a part of the thread with a project, issue or tag. You will also notice AI Suggestions on the right side and when you have selected a note, where Productlane automatically suggests you the right connection.

Video calls & transcripts

Welcome to the most efficient way to share learnings from customer meetings with your team. No more cutting videos to share context-free clips, going through long transcripts or sharing inaccurate AI summaries.

For every new thread, you can add a link to a meeting, where a Productlane bot will then join and record the meeting for you. After that, for every new line of a note that you take during a call, there will be a timestamp that you can visit later on, and jump to the exact time of the meeting where you wrote that down, to really get the whole context again.

Adding images to a thread

You can add an image to a thread by copy and pasting it with CMD+V.

Closing the feedback loop

You also see a “Reply” and “Mark processed” button on the top right. Those are designed for helping you keep inbox zero and regularly go through new feedback, but also to close the feedback loop with customers.

You usually mark a thread as processed, after you connected everything with an issue, project or tag. But now, if you complete a connected issue or project in Linear, the thread will go back into your inbox with a little “Completed” badge on it.

If you open that thread again, the mailing form – that also opens when clicking on the replay button – will be already open and you can super quickly notify a customer that something he requested has been shipped.


In the settings, you can select from many integrations to create new threads easily. For example, you can use the Hubspot integration for your sales team to push new threads to Productlane, and get notified when any of the features are getting completed.