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Connect your own domain to streamline your branding on your Productlane portal, for example, on instead of To set up a custom domain, just two things are needed:


Open domain settings

Go to There, enter the domain you want to use. The subdomain can be anything you want. We’re using roadmap for this example.


Go to the DNS settings of your domain

In your DNS settings, add a new CNAME Record for the subdomain you chose above. How this looks depends on where you’ve bought your domain. In general, the result should look something like this: domain Not sure where to find these settings? You can usually find them at the place you’ve bought your domain. Try Googling for “DNS settings” plus the name of your provider!

Want to use a different subdomain? If you decide to use something different than roadmap as your subdomain, make sure to update both your Productlane settings (step 1) and DNS settings (step 2).

For Cloudflare users: Please set the Proxy status option to off (DNS only). Otherwise, there might be SSL-related issues. If there are any troubles setting this up, don’t hesitate to shoot us a message at, and we’ll help you get this sorted 🤝