Valuable feedback from customers can come from various platforms and sources. With the Productlane Chrome Extension you can leverage feedback from everywhere by simply highlighting text and send it to Productlane.

How to set up the Chrome Extension


Install 'Send to Productlane' from chrome web store

You can either go the chrome web store and search for ‘Send to Productlane’ or follow this direct link:
Send to Productlane
Now click Add to Chrome to install the extension.



Add API Key und Email

After installing the extension you will need to click on it to open the API und Email setting.
Here add your Productlane API Key and the Email you want your feedback to be assigned to (e.g. your own email address).


Can’t find your API key?
Go to Productlane Settings, click on API and Create API Key.


Send feedback to Productlane

After setting up the extension correctly you can highlight any text on a website and choose Send to Productlane from the right click menu.



Receive feedback in Productlane

You will now see the highlighted text from before show up in the thread overview as a new feedback.
The note will even contain a link to the source of the original feedback.