Your sales & customer support teams might use their own call recording software (like Fathom and Gong) instead of our own Productlane call recorder. To still get those valuable recordings into Productlane and therefore to the product team, you can get inspired by the fully automated workflow below that our customer Sked Social is using.


Push Call Transcripts to Productlane


New Hubspot Engagement

Use the meeting type to set up a new hubspot engagement.


Set Up Condition for Video

Set up the next step to only continue if contains Fathom or VIDEO RECORDING (this condition depends on your call recorder and setup, so you might want to change Fathom to another call recorders name).


Get Hubspot Contact & Company

As in this case the contact and company are not on the meeting, only an ID, you will need to get contact and company from Hubspot.


Run Python Script

Run the following Python script adapted to your setup and insert your API key as well as your workspace ID.

import requests

product_lane_api_key = "INSERT YOUR API KEY"
product_lane_workspace_id = "INSERT YOUR WORKSPACE ID"

url = ""

headers = {
"Authorization": f"Bearer {product_lane_api_key}"

data = {
"contactEmail": input_data['contact_email'],
"contactName": input_data['contact_name'],
"originLevel": "INDIVIDUAL",
"origin": "HUBSPOT",
"text": input_data['meeting_transcript']

response =, headers=headers, data=data)


Benefit from the insights

Now your product team can easily access valuable call insights and new ones will show up automatically in Productlane πŸŽ‰.